If you are looking for a strain that gives you laser focus instantly, this strain is the right choice. You may have an idea of what we are talking about. Yes, The Incredible Hulk is an 80% Sativa dominant strain. It gets most of its energizing and invigorating head-high effects from its parent strains: Jack Herer and Green Crack. Both of these strains have great flavour and are Sativa dominant. So, the product you are getting has some really good flavour profile to offer. The THC levels in this strain are measured between 15 and 24%.

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Effects of Incredible Hulk

We don’t distinguish the strains only based on their categories, such as Indica or Sativa. But the individual strain itself, the way it has been grown, the strains used in its breeding, all of these factors determine how you will get hit with its effects. So, Incredible Hulk gives you an incredible amount of euphoria, which further leads you to a focus you cannot have without smoking this strain. Since the strain has its maximum effects on the brain, you will not feel any laziness or the need to lie down. Your body will remain under control, whereas your brain will be in another dimension. You will experience an unusually increased perceptiveness.

Incredible Hulk Appearance, Aroma, and Flavour

Like most of the Sativa dominant strains, this one has long finger-like flowers. The leaves of this strain are a mossy green with densely packed bright orange coloured hairs. You will get to experience earthy, citrus, and pine-like smells to soothe your mood. Incredible Hulk is full of flavour, and you will be tasting tropical fruit and pine with every hit.

Medical uses of Incredible Hulk

  • It increases perceptiveness, focus and relieves the symptoms of anxiety.
  • Many other stress disorders can be treated with this strain.
  • The strain is not recommended before sleeping as you will be very alert after consuming it. Many users have reported a completely sleepless night after consuming this strain. So, when a strain brings so many good things, it is better to smoke it only when you have no worries about getting up early in the morning.

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