Hilltop Hydro Bars are an incredibly sweet, creamy treat that is infused with cannabis at its base to make the perfect enriched chocolate. Each Hydro Bar is loaded up with 500mg of THC to lift you to the heights you desire.

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Hydro Bars Appearance and Flavor:

You can choose from three different delicious flavors,

  • Almond
  • Peanut butter and
  • Cookies and Cream

This is a powerful edible, made on the structure of normal sweet chocolates. Hydro bar chocolate can be easily portioned according to your desire. Realize your maximum limit of being heady and stay within it. Hilltop Farms has got everyone’s attention currently with its new production of THC chocolate bars.

Hydro Bars Quantity Variation:

Each flavor has varying strengths – 500mg and 1000mg of THC. 500 mg of THC is made for beginners because the beginners can’t handle such a high level of cannabis and it might get hard on them. 1000mg of THC is made for the pros! Daily cannabis consumers, you can taste the flavors first by consuming the hydro bars of 500mg.

How it feels

As we mentioned above chocolate bars are strong enough to take you to the desired heights. These Hydro Bars are POTENT and tasty as well!  What more could lovers like us ask for?

Hydro Bars Taste:

These  500 mg cannabis oil-infused chocolate bars are incredible in taste and they have a good raise to them for sure.  They are very uplifting, happy, and the terrible part gives you the munchies.DO NOT EAT IN ONE SITTING, it will be hard not to because they taste so good. As with all edibles, we highly recommend exercising caution.  Start slow and build up towards a comfortable level.

Hilltop Farms truly outshined themselves this time as they developed a top line of THC-infused chocolate bars for your consumption. That being said, these luscious chocolate bars are enriched with a punch at 500mg of THC.

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Cookie & Cream, Peanut Cookie


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